What we Believe


Here at Bridge Church we believe everything is about Jesus. We exist because of him and it is in him that we put our faith. We believe he was a real person who actually came down from heaven, took on the form of a human being, proclaimed the message of the kingdom of God through his words and deeds, died on the cross, rose to life, ascended to heaven, is right now seated with God the Father and will be back in the most insane way!


Here at Bridge Church we believe in the true and inspired word of God- Bible. We are extremely intentional about the fact that everything we say and do at Bridge Church finds it’s grounding in the Bible. This is a non-negotiable.


Here at Bridge Church we believe in the active and ever empowering presence of the Holy Spirit at the initiation and continual working out of our salvation. He is the one that enables us to do the work of the Father by graciously giving us gifts and producing visible fruit in our lives.


Here at Bridge Church we believe that God has called us to express our faith through community. Christianity is all about relationship. We express our love for God by loving people. It is only when we do life with people who are both like and unlike us, as we give and forgive, that we grow in our understanding of  God and in the move ahead in our faith.


Here at Bridge Church we believe that God has placed us in Bangalore for a reason. We love this city and consider it our responsibility to serve its spiritual and practical needs. Being part of Bridge means seeing your self as one involved in seeking the welfare of the city.